Ajey Pandey

An aerial combat novella
Three Playbooks and a Cruel Hack for Wanderhome
A Fast & Flexible Toolbox RPG
A Lyric Taking an Orbital Saw to Fantasy AGE
an experimental toolbox rpg engine based on computerized rng functions
A jet-pilot setting for Thirsty Sword Lesbians!
A Mechanical Remix of BOLT
A Cyberpunk Adaptation of the Domains Horror Roleplaying System
A Diceless Play-By-Post RPG Ruleset
A Street-Level Superhero Adaptation for the BOLT RPG Engine
A BOLT RPG Space Fantasy Setting
A BOLT RPG Supplement for OSR Play
An OSR funnel about soldiers in a dungeon
A Climatepunk Racing RPG
A Preview of the BOLT RPG Engine
A Micro-Game Where You Literally Smash Stuff
A cosmic horror revenge fantasy using the BOLT RPG v0.2 rule system