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Note: This game requires the Domains Horror Roleplaying System by Ordoalea Publishing: https://ordoalea-publishing.itch.io/ordo-dhrs-c001

Since I read the Domains Horror Roleplaying System, I’ve wanted to make a cyberpunk adaptation, because the gritty tone and desperate action of Domains fit my idea of cyberpunk tension super well.

So I finally sat down and hacked together a piece of a thing. It’s not really thought-out much, but I wanted to at least get the idea down. Don’t expect any interesting takes like you’d expect from someone taking the Orientalism, ableism, transphobia, and cop apologia in a lot of cyberpunk head-on.

It’s all mechanics and guns and shit.

Oh, and some content warnings:

- Body modifications
- The military industrial complex
- Fascism and white supremacy
- Fascist terrorism
- Government and state violence, especially cops
- Guns and gun violence
- Nuclear war
- Climate change
- War and climate refugees

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AuthorAjey Pandey
TagsCyberpunk, d10, domains, domainshrs, Horror, Tabletop role-playing game


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Hi there! I'm the creator of the tabletop rpg CBR+PNK and I'm planning a short cyber-themed bundle for Cyber Week (Nov 29th to Dec 3rd).

My aim is to collect about 20 products from around 15 creators in the tabletop gaming space. It would be awesome if you'd join this bundle with this game!

Of course, I will totally understand if you are not interested. Let me know your thoughts on this :)

Hey Emanoel! That would be rad! I’d be super interested.

Great! We can talk about the details on another channel like Twitter, Discord or email. Let me know!

Absolutely! My email address is bolt.rpg.engine@gmail.com.