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Thunderbolt: An Aerial Knight RPG is a fast-paced jet-fighter RPG drawing on the tension and drama of fighter-pilot games like Ace Combat and Star Wars: Squadrons.

Rush into sorties, face off against enemy pilots, and turn the tide of an entire war in a game that merges fast and tense combat with campaign-focused storytelling tools!

Engage with the heights of glory and tragedy alike with pilot-specific Triggers that let you mentor a younger pilot, taunt enemy pilots into a rage, dogfight in tunnels, and challenge a nemesis to a fated duel.

This product includes:

  • A standalone rules text with combat, character creation, and GM tools!
  • A PDF character sheet with a link to a form-fillable Google Docs template!
  • Starborne Liberation, a space-fantasy expansion in the vein of Star Wars pilot stories!


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Thunderbolt An Aerial Knight RPG 1_3a.pdf 11 MB
Starborne Liberation.pdf 2 MB

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Download demo

Thunderbolt Character Sheet 1_3 PRINTABLE.pdf 35 kB
Thunderbolt Character Sheet 1_3 EXAMPLE.pdf 68 kB

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Hey, what are Nemesis? It just hit me looking through the rules that there's no explanation for it.

The Nemesis is, in my estimation, a boss-type character. Think your Yellow 13, your Mister X, your Crimson 1. It’s more narrative than mechanical.


Do you have to have BOLT to play this or is it standalone?

Thunderbolt is standalone! In fact, it’s actually quite different in gameplay from the core game.