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This is the BOLT RPG Mage Pack, with an example of detailed magic and hacking rules in BOLT, including guidance on how to write your own Magic and Hacking Skill Trees!

These magic rules are written specifically for the example BOLT settings, Legends of Neeram and Gunfire in Svarminar, and they are low-magic in scope.

This supplement is not required to run or play BOLT!

If you’re looking magic at a higher power level with an elemental fantasy style, check out FIVE! by Hekate Nichols: https://kaylotura.itch.io/five

If you’re looking for a more epic-level magic system, check out the Tarot Magic System by Cas Swanson: https://calevmir.itch.io/bolt-tarot

If you want more of a pulp sci-fi / psionics style of magic, check out BUZZKILL by Nick Duff: https://duffhounds.itch.io/buzzkill


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Will this module be updated as well, together with the core rules?


This module will get an update with the setting stretch goal, where it’ll get bundled with the Legends of Neeram setting!

Sweet! Unfortunately I could not afford to back your Kickstarter, since I have insufficient money.


No worries! There will be community copies available!