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The BOLT RPG Engine is a lightning-fast d10+d4 action-adventure RPG engine, merging the streamlined, narrative-centric gameplay of indie story games with the tense, tactical combat of crunchy action RPGs. 

It’s built from the ground up as a modular toolbox for anyone to hack, with clear descriptions of rules, honest explanations of gameplay priorities, and instructions for making your own Backgrounds, Roles, Feats, Settings, and more!

With a fast and flexible character creation process, a decision-based initiative format, a high-stakes health system, and a core resolution system built to make every roll interesting and every failure a chance to push your luck, BOLT might be the perfect RPG engine for your fantasy, modern, or sci-fi game!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Community Copies

I know money is tight for a lot of folks. And I can’t in good conscience expect everyone to pay for a FINISHED game, much less an UNFINISHED game.

So go ahead. Take one. Ping me if we run out. You probably need the cash more than I do.

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Really appreciate you making community copies available. Will kick you some ducats next time I get paid :)

Im loving this read. Is there a character sheet I can see, both filled out and blank?

oooooo good suggestion! There's an empty character sheet at the back of the book, I think...unless that's missing...


Yup it's there. 

A filled out one for Ishaan, or two since you do a good job showing what he would be like in an alt universe.

I was trying to learn d&d and the prefilled character sheets were a big help.


Sorry for claiming but our government just ruined our economic and every dollar counts now.

Wish you good luck with development! Hope can back you up someday.


No need to apologize; that’s what the community copies are for <3